We design, build and launch health apps which virtualize healthcare

With a proven track record, we work with health professionals, research scientists, & top clinicians around the world to bring next-generation healthcare ideas to life.

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Why virtualize care?

Virtual, mobile health solutions advance the quality and safety of care, increase accessibility, reduce costs, enhance patient engagement and improve the overall experience for patients, families and providers simultaneously.

"Doctors and patients all over the world not only believe the virtualization of health care is coming, but that it will improve the delivery of care when it does."

- PWC Report

Our Projects


Healthism's flagship platform InputHealth is used widely around the world for mobile patient data collection.
Using InputHealth, patients can now easily & securely communicate information prior to clinic visits using mobile devices.

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Our Projects


eTHR is a low cost electronic surveillance app built for iPads where clinicians can seamlessly acquire trauma data to populate a real time trauma registry.
eTHR was developed for Groote Schuur Hospital and is operational in Western Cape, South Africa digitally collecting life-saving trauma data in record amounts.

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Our Projects

Beautified Lab Results

Healthism worked with internationally renowned MyMedLab to produce a whole new way at looking at blood work results in engaging, visually stunning ways.
Now MyMedLab customers can help take charge of their own health by actually understanding their data.

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Our Projects

Surgical Complications App

Currently in pilot mode in Vancouver-based hospitals, this mobile app can be utilized by surgeons to easily track surgical complications and produce live, relevant reports that can be presented at Mortality and Morbidity Rounds, as well as to hospital administration.

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Our Projects


InputHealth was commissioned by Dr. Hameed from Vancouver General Hospital to produce an electronic consultation record for acute surgical patients presenting to the emergency room. Now surgical consults can be digitized, including handover, list management and analytic reports.

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Our Clients



Research Institutions

Public Health

It has been a great pleasure to work with Healthism on a number of ambitious projects, applying cutting edge technology to difficult problems in trauma surgery and emergency general surgery, both in Canada and abroad.

- Morad Hameed, MD, MPH, FRCSC
Head Acute Care Surgery, Vancouver General Hospital
  • Who is using our Apps:

  • St Paul's Hospital
  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • Woodstock General Hospital
  • Groot Schuur Hospital
  • University of British Columbia

What We Do

App Strategy

Our strategy team creates innovative strategies to assure your app’s success, through discovery and brainstorming coupled with technical research.

App Design

Our talented designers & artists create visual influences that set your app apart, through engaging, easy-to-use user experiences.

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App Development

We develop & craft polished products that are built to scale using the latest and greatest technologies.


We help you develop rock-solid security & privacy safeguards (HIPAA compliant) in your pre-existing or future planned systems.

Who We Are

Healthism was founded in 2012 by a progressive team of physicians & technologists with a vendetta against poorly designed health software.We believe humanized health technology can directly translate into less morbidity and mortality around the world.

"We're passionate about our work because it's not just about building technology, it's about building technology that transforms healthcare." - Dr. Damon Ramsey, Founder

We're Hiring

We're always on the outlook for talented & passionate individuals looking to join our pioneering team based out of Vancouver, Canada. Currently, we're looking for:

- Graphic Designers
- Javascript Gurus
- Rails Developers

Think you have what it takes? Send us a cover letter & CV at jobs [at] inputhealth.com

Healthism Pioneers


Damon Ramsey, MD



Shawn Jung

VP, Development


Puneet Seth, MD

VP, Operations


Hashem Aboulhosn

VP, Business Development

We've had the privilege to build successful products used in diverse environments from busy emergency rooms to multi-center research trials.

As a result, we've built a world-class team of engineers, designers and healthcare specialists ready for any challenge.

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